Sunwayworld Provided Informatization Service for China's First Domestic Aircraft Carrier Manufacturer

Time:2017-04-26     Source:Sunwayworld      BACK

At 9:00am on April 26, the launching ceremony of China's domestic aircraft carrier kicked off in CSIC Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd.This 50,000t ship marks that China has completely mastered experience and technology in buildingmedium- and large-sized aircraft carrier and that China has made a periodical breakthrough in independent design and construction of modern naval warfare platform. 

According to public data, the aircraft carrier is 315m in length and 75m in width. What is the most striking is the different phased array radome it installed, because the installation position of the radar antenna is similar to that of Aegis combat ship, thus gaining 360° monitoring over surroundings. In addition, great improvement is likely to be made in information collection, operational command and control system and other electronic systems. Moreover, the electronic devices can be made by modular design for rapid updating and ensure that China's aircraft carrier's soft operational power always takes the lead. 

The first domestic aircraft carrier (second aircraft carrier) in China was manufactured by CSIC. After commencement in November 2013, the construction began in Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. since March 2015. CSIC is one of China's largest shipbuilding groups and specialized in R&D and production of navy equipments, civil ships and supporting facilities and non-ship equipments. As China's only shipbuilding enterprise listed in Fortune Global 500, CSIC has the largest shipbuilding and repairing base in China and gathered the major strength of China's ship research and design. 

As a partner of CSIC, Sunwayworld has provided Master Data Management Platform and centralized procurement e-commerce management platform and made vigorous efforts to help CSIC build brand-new digital ship industrial chain service manufacturing platform. 

Through the master data management solution, Sunwayworld has given impetus to CSIC to realize unified data management, effectively complete data change and review, and scientifically process redundant data and wrong data so as to construct standardized data management system, improve enterprise's data resource management maturity, adapt to enterprise's data standardization requirement and provide a scientific data system for CSIC's naval warfare platform and escort its production and manufacturing. 

Sunwayworld has fully learned the development demands of the shipbuilding industry. In addition to full assistance in providing the corresponding management solutions, it has also deployed and integrated strategic digital service platform to achieve overall centralized, unified, efficient and modern management and solutions.