Sunwayworld Joined Hands with Junlebao Dairy Again to Achieve Comprehensive Quality Management

Time:2017-03-27     Source:Sunwayworld      BACK

The comprehensive quality management QMS of Junlebao Dairy was put into use this month, which marks another success in cooperation after the laboratory information management system (LIMS) developed by Sunwayworld for Junlebao Dairy. 

Founded in 1995, Junlebao Dairy is the largest dairy product processing enterprise in Hebei Province, a national leading agriculture industrialization enterprise, national high-tech enterprise and also a technical center of national dairy product R&D. As a national and provincial leading agriculture industrialization enterprise, Junlebao Dairy has passed the certification of IS09001 Quality Management System, IS014001 Environment Management System, ISO22000 Food Safety Certification System and the Credit System.

As its scale expands rapidly and product structure gets enriched gradually, Junlebao Dairy has raised higher requirements for product quality management. Therefore, the company, on the basis of the original laboratory information management system, determines to expand its comprehensive QMS and connect data of laboratory testing with laboratory quality management. 

Based on the solution provided by Sunwayworld, the two systems are based on the same one platform to be friendly for users' operation and administrators' maintenance. The comprehensive QMS incorporates the overall quality management system of Junlebao Dairy and as a result, supervision, tracking, statistics, analysis of quality data and statement consolidation are all completed automatically by the system. In addition, timely sharing and warning of quality data trend and scientific and intelligent quality assessment function also provide accurate and detailed data support for scientific decision-making of the management level. 

Sunwayworld has been devoted to providing informatization services for production and manufacturing enterprises' quality management, accumulated rich industry experience after years of development and developed comprehensive and integrated quality management solution to help customers to improve management efficiency and product quality.